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Women, united for the good of humanity, are the strength of our future. In the United States, the promise within the unity of black women and white women in particular is immeasurable.  


Despite best intentions, relationships between black women and white women can be inauthentic, and lack empathy, depth, and mutual support. This disconnection limits our ability to negotiate shared interests and solve problems in ways that unite those interests.  Enhanced relationships between black women and white women hold the promise of creating the reconciliation, and  unity of cause necessary for personal, professional, institutional, and social growth.

The Black Women & White Women project will benefit women seeking inspiration and connection across the black/white racial boundary as we move participants into and through difficult conversations about our shared past and the impact of our history with each other. We’ll identify historical and personal barriers to creating authentic cross-cultural relationships and explore a common vision and tools for moving forward.

This is a challenging experience designed to uncover unspoken tensions between black women and white women in order to move beyond them.

Why do we often find ourselves divided, competitive, and avoiding one another?

    I carried around the desire to explore the relationships between black women and white women...

    ...for at least a year before I met the right counterpart. And, by right, I meant a white woman who was doing her work in the whiteness space, and who was doing her part to heal the wounds of racism in the United States. I met my counterpart, author Debby Irving, at a social justice conference in 2014.  


    Not only was Debby doing her work, she wrote a book about it (Waking Up White).  And, not only did she write a book about it, she was (and is) immersed in it, boldly demonstrating her commitment, and conscientiously opening minds to a different way of thinking.  I like to think I waited at least a month before I pitched the idea, but Debby says I shared my vision with her at the lunch table that day!


    From then to today, Debby and I have worked together to facilitate a meaningful experience for each group of women we meet; and, each experience is as unique as the amazing women who create it.


    In the midst of each unique experience two things remain constant.  With each gathering, we understand more acutely how the complexity and tragedy of our shared past impacts our current relationships; and, we emerge from each gathering more acutely aware of the limitless possibilities when we unite authentically as women.  

    With an eye first to understand and then to tap into the potential of these relationships, the Black Women & White Women experience is “transformative” and “life-changing.”  We look forward to hearing your voice.  Please join us at our next event.


    -  Faith English, co-creator

    the Black Women & White Women project